Momtaz & Setareh Momtaz Industrial Group

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On the outskirts of the historical city of Tabriz, Sits an industrial complex with a history deeply rooted as the city by itself.  There is more into this complex than just manufacturing goods; it is a way of life. For  three  generation of  hard working men,  from fathers and sons  to grand sons,  keeping up with their tradition is the driving force. 

About Us
We make the best quality safety matches in Asia.  We also manufacture the highest quality Particle Board.  We believe in quality and customer satisfaction.  We have our own printing facility; this allows us to provide customers with customized logos or advertising options.


Momtaz & Setareh Momtaz Industrial Group has been in business for over ninety years. It was established as a family owned & operated company. Close to one hundred years ago two cousins in their childhood started the whole idea by making matches in their barn which indeed grew into a great industry.

Our Costumers 

Momtaz & Setareh Momtaz Industrial Group has a very strong customer base which has kept this organization alive thru the ups and downs this past ninety years. We thank every single one of them for their support.